How to prepare for egg freezing?


Try and stay as healthy as possible during the three months leading up to your egg collection.
• Start taking folic acid 500 mcg daily or a good pregnancy vitamin
• Limit alcohol to less than 10 standard drinks a week
• Stop smoking.
• Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight.
• Eat a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables

How Do We Freeze Eggs

At No. 1 Fertility we use world-class technology and highly experienced scientists to ensure your frozen eggs have the same potential as your fresh eggs.

We vitrify your eggs which gives you the same pregnancy rates as fresh eggs.

In simple terms, vitrification is the rapid cooling of your eggs taking them from room temperature to minus 196 degrees almost instantly.

Rapid cooling means ice crystals, that may damage your eggs, do not form and your eggs in a vitrified state maintain their age and reproductive potential until the time you may need them.

Eggs are monitored to ensure they are always at optimal temperature.

How Long Can I Keep My Eggs Frozen?

At No. 1 Fertility we can keep your eggs in storage for your use until your 52nd birthday.

Many women use their eggs for their 2nd baby – that means you may have a baby naturally but use your younger frozen eggs if you are having difficulty later.

State legislation specifies that every ten years your eggs are in storage you will need to apply for an extension.

If you don’t use your eggs, you can donate them if you chose to.

Your eggs do not age when they are frozen, and they have no use by date! Women have successfully used frozen eggs a decade after freezing them.