No. 1 Egg Freezing is affordable

What Does It Cost?

We believe any woman who elects to freeze her eggs can do so regardless of her economic situation.

This belief is why we have made the egg freezing process as affordable as possible, without compromising quality.

An egg freezing cycle will cost $2500, plus the cost of medication and theatre fees.

It costs $500 per annum to store your eggs


How Long Can I Keep My Eggs Frozen?

At No. 1 Fertility we can keep your eggs in storage for your use until your 52nd birthday.

Many women use their eggs for their 2nd baby – that means you may have a baby naturally but use your younger frozen eggs if you are having difficulty later.

State legislation specifies that every ten years your eggs are in storage you will need to apply for an extension.

If you don’t use your eggs, you can donate them if you chose to.

Your eggs do not age when they are frozen, and they have no use by date! Women have successfully used frozen eggs a decade after freezing them.