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Why Elect to Freeze your Eggs?

Electing to freeze your eggs increases your potential to have a child later on in life. Medical science confirms that as you age your fertility declines:

  • The total quantity and quantity of eggs in your ovaries decreases dramatically with age
  • The chromosomal quality of you eggs declines with age
  • Lifestyle factors including stress, smoking, and air pollution impact on the quality of your eggs

Medical treatments for illness can also impact on fertility and the reproductive quality of eggs.

Whereas, frozen eggs remain at the same age and have the same reproductive quality that they have at the time of freezing.

Eggs should be frozen by your 35th birthday, to ensure the best potential for having a child later in life but can be frozen up to your 45 th birthday if you chose.

Pros and cons of freezing your eggs



  • Reassurance that even though it isn’t guaranteed there is a chance
  • May conceive naturally and never have to use my frozen eggs
  • Affordable Egg Freezing at No. 1 makes it within the financial reach of every woman
  • Success of Frozen Eggs are the same as Fresh IVF Eggs.


  • Need to undergo stimulation and egg freezing
  • May never use my eggs